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Water Leak Detection

So often, the biggest culprit of a high water bill comes from water leaks that go undetected. And you may not even know that you have a leak, because not all leaks are visible and may be underground or concealed.

TOP Remediation Specialist offers various resources to help families and business owners identify water leaks.

We understand your concerns and would like to help you determine the reasons why your bill is higher than usual. Answering “yes” to any of the questions below could be the reason your bill is higher than expected.


  • Did the number of people living on your property increase?
  • Any extra house guests during the billing cycle?
  • Filled a pool, or used a pressure cleaner during the billing cycle?
  • Left the hose on or washed cars during the billing cycle?
  • Yard work done recently/planted new sod/trees/plants?
  • Any unusual moisture noticed in home or on lawn?
  • Any repairs made on property or to toilet/fixtures during billing cycle?
  • On vacation or home left vacant?
  • Been victim to an act of vandalism (reported to the police)?
  • Have a leak that was concealed or underground?