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Top Remediation Specialist

We are experts in our field and will never stop working for our client until they have received the quality work that we would give our friends and family.With our help, you can rest assured your home will be properly dried after a water leak to avoid mold, cleaned and ready for restoration after a fire or cleared of mold, in the air or structure. You will be in good hands. Our team has been working in the home improvement industry for many years. Through our experience, we've come across many homeowners that just weren't given the professional services that they deserved. That's why we came up with our name, "TOP" Remediation Specialist, which stemmed from "Team of Professionals". We are professional specialists in our industry in the fields of water extraction, plumbing and restoration who came together to work as one. We are a small business but we have more experience and knowledge than most of our competition.

7171 Coral Way, Suite 500, Miami, FL 33155




Exceptional company. They came to my house and inspected for mold and odor. They explained to me all the steps in the remediation process. They were fast, knowledgeable and cost efficient. Will definitely recommend them. Thank you

I can't say enough how professional and just hands the best mold restoration job done. We had other companies come in, and they did a horrible job. Gus and his crew gave me peace of mind that my family was going to be finally mold free. Seriously you guys are like the mold doctors!!! I appreciated all your time and patience to explain to us all that was needed to be done. Our house is finally mold free!!!!
Rita P.

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