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Beta, rushed to the printers after the former sold out, totaled 7.8 million. 1994 NBA Hoops Hoops #255 Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf|Reggie Miller|Ricky Pierce: $0.34 This has obviously led to significant, consistent price growth, as well as blunt attempts at market manipulation. 94-95 Fleer NBA Rookie Sensation Anfernee Hardaway #9 of 25 Magic Mint. Here's a countdown of the 20 most valuable. Toys | The deep value of Alpha and Beta is due to a combination of historical significance and scarcity. Kaladesh followed up with the Masterpiece series, which gave a different but equally unique foil reprint treatment to some of the game’s most famous artifact cards. This card is a victim of its own success. It was the first set to reprint cards from the expansions Legends and The Dark. These were handed out as rewards through the “Guru” program to players who mentored novices to the game, and are now the most prestigious versions available of Magic’s most ubiquitous cards. As such, their average price is lower — but only slightly. Official blog for Card Kingdom, delivering Magic: The Gathering cards and supplies from Seattle to the world since 1999. He’s in his Orlando Magic jersey, as he was their number one pick in the 1992 NBA Draft. So rather than catalogue every card, I’ll explain the different categories of money cards, their approximate range of values, why they are valuable, and how likely you are to stumble across some in your collection. ABU is shorthand for Limited Edition Alpha, Limited Edition Beta, and Unlimited: the first  three print runs of the original Magic core set created back in 1993. Guide Watch. LaMelo Ball Rookie Cards – Value, Best Cards, and Checklist. The supplemental set known as Portal: Three Kingdoms holds an ABU-like high price on every card from common to rare due to niche availability. Next week, I’ll help address some of the most misunderstood and vital decisions made at the beginning of every Magic career! But keep the quality of the specific cards you’re dealing with in mind; it matters more for ABU than anywhere else! English versions of these cards were printed in very limited runs for sale exclusively in Australia and New Zealand, making even common cards into notable collector pieces and pushing rares up to hundreds of dollars. The size of Magic print runs continued to increase after Unlimited, with releases from mid-1994 onwards being large enough that only the hottest cards would hold significant long-term value. Stories of super-valuable cards entice and entertain newcomers and tempt old-timers with the idea that somewhere under their bed could lurk hundreds of thousands in cardboard credit. So we wanted to help by writing a simple article to explain how to identify and value magic cards. Finally, Amonkhet featured the Invocation promos. The last notable set of cards from the Reserved List are the Dual Lands (or “Original Duals”). Card Set Price Loss; Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath: Theros Beyond Death: $17.98-20.01: Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath (Extended Art) Theros Beyond Death: $44.98-19.50: Shadowspear (Extended Art) Theros Beyond Death: $16.51-3.03: Karn, the Great Creator: War of the Spark: $6.98-2.98: Heliod, Sun-Crowned (Showcase) Theros Beyond Death: $17.97-2.18 Each card from Alpha or Beta is worth some money, especially those that are powerful in-game or that have special nostalgic value, like fan-favorites Serra Angel and Shivan Dragon. Even the cheapest have price tags like Guardian Angel (Alpha printing = $6.61, Beta = $3.62, Unlimited =$0.37). The first of the "Power Nine" Alpha cards to grace this list, TimeTwister was a powerful card when it was first released. Author Andrew Ford Posted on November 10, 2016 July 18, 2019 Categories MTG Leave a comment on Price Guide for Magic Cards Magic Card Set Symbols Unlike other types of cards people collect, Magic cards don’t have a unique number printed on them. Ah, Christopher Rush. A few years ago Sapphire was the top dog of the five Mox cards, but it's fallen down the list recently. It's usually worth a few hundred bucks even in bad shape. One day, he swears he will win an MCQ with Evershrike. The undisputed king of the Magic: The Gathering cards in terms of dollar value … Mox Ruby - $3,400. I would recommend the free Delver Lens app or a similar collection scanning app for any large-scale Magic trading. But the attention the card has earned from being featured on "most expensive" lists (like this one, sorry) has inflated the price. Elvish Archers. Buy Magic: The Gathering cards online Welcome to, a globally trusted platform for buying and selling Magic: The Gathering cards! A special mention must go to the card Mana Crypt, which is a poster child for valuable promos. ... PRICE TRENDS. PSA SMR Price Guide for 1994 Magic: The Gathering Revised Non-Sports/TCG … When…. Thirteen break the $100 mark and none are below $20, even those which were reprints from Kaladesh itself. Black Lotus. The 1994 MTG Antiquities set was the franchise's second expansion offering. As experienced players dive deeper into Magic, we may lose sight of how unusual and unpredictable the price tags are on rare and staple cards. Their recognizable, black-bordered printings from Alpha and Beta command even better prices! The size of Magic print runs continued to increase after Unlimited, with releases from mid-1994 onwards being large enough that only the hottest cards would hold significant long-term value. All three printings contain the same set of cards, with a few notable exceptions (Alpha is missing Circle of Protection: Black and Volcanic Island due to printing errors). During the game's test phase, the card also said "Target player loses next turn," and players assumed this meant the player lost the game in their next turn. The collectible card game Magic: The Gathering published seven expansion sets from 1993–1995, and one compilation set. Miscut or misprinted cards are also quite impressively valuable within a niche subcommunity who collect them. This selection of cards lacked a strong theme, and the special visual presentation was not as well-received, as the faux-hieroglyphic font was very difficult to read. Min Grade. While Wizards did add a few more sets to the Reserved List after its creation, the List hasn’t grown since 2002. These powerful lands are an upgrade for almost any deck in Magic, and thus are in much higher demand than most Reserved List cards for tournament play. Those versions are worth a cool $140, with the promos all fetching several hundred each. Despite its huge price tag, this isn't even one of the Alpha set's "Power Nine" cards. Then in mid-1995, Wizards released Chronicles, a “best-of” set which reprinted many rare cards from older, more scarce expansion sets with a white border… and a massive print run. $92.24. But new Magic players — and returning players who might have dabbled in their youth — will often latch onto these fiscal questions. 90s, By Zachary | You can then export your sell list or buy list and email it to one of the large online vendors like A card from the very earliest Alpha collection, the powerful effect of this card makes it a collector's item. by Kevin Glew. Tom’s fate was sealed in 7th grade when his friend lent him a pile of commons to play Magic. MTG magic cards 1x x1 Light Play, English Master Apothecary Odyssey. Despite being printed in four different sets, this keeps the price of Dual Lands in step with Reserved List cards with much smaller print runs. From the Portals set, this card isn't one of the most powerful Black spells, but it's a crucial card for deck-building with that color. Unlimited was ordered after Wizards of the Coast realized they had a success on their hands, dwarfing the first two printings at 40 million cards! The Fourth Edition of Magic: The Gathering was the tenth set released for the game, and the fourth base set. How Many Of These 90s One Hit Wonders Can You Name. Choose your product line and set, and find exactly what you're looking for. Finally, there was a trading card game that older kids weren't embarrassed to be seen playing. The bona fide money cards. In Magic, you play the role of a planeswalker who fights other planeswalkers for glory, knowledge, and conquest. 2000 Finest Moments Refractors #FMMJ Magic Johnson: $2.45: 2000 Topps Cards That Never Were #MJ1 Magic Johnson: $1.39: 2000 Topps Cards That Never Were #MJ2 Magic Johnson: $2.53: 2000 Topps Cards That Never Were #MJ3 Magic Johnson: $2.53 It contains the spells you know and the creatures you can summon to fight for you. Tags: trading cards, games, cards, valuable, list, magic the gathering, Check Your Basement: These 13 Magic Cards Are Worth A Small Fortune, According To A Study, These Are The Most Popular 90s Toys In Each State. These are the famous prizes, the examples people probably think of when they imagine stupendously expensive Magic prices. Magic the Gathering Card Prices for all MTG Magic sets. Certain foil basic lands can also be worth a shocking amount, especially those which feature foiling on top of the old-style card frame — a combination which was only present for a couple of years at the turn of the millennium. This combination of demand and rarity makes Mana Crypt the 4th-most-valuable card outside the Reserved List, behind two cards from Portal: Three Kingdoms (Imperial Seal and Zodiac Dragon) and one (Grim Tutor) which was exclusive to a particular 1999 starter deck. The Magic Card stock market is a very real thing, and many people out there are making fortunes off buying, selling, and collecting various rare Magic Cards. Surprise! Certain magic cards are worth a bundle online. Of the promo cards worth over $100, the majority are either special foil reprints issued as rewards to tournament judges for their work on the game, or extremely limited promos sold exclusively at San Diego ComicCon. ... Tom Brady Rookie Card – Value, Best Cards, and Checklist. Strip Mine. Battle for Zendikar featured Expeditions — a set of foil, full-art promos featuring the most valuable non-Reserved land cards in Magic, each with new artwork. It’s also worth singling out the “Guru Lands”: a cycle of basic lands adorned with matching, striking and distinctive artwork featuring sundial patterns. Not bad - you could make a down payment on a house for just a small piece of cardboard. The set has no expansion symbol. In the most famous and mind-boggling example, a Dutch player who opened a preconstructed deck in 2019 to find all 100 cards had been uniquely misprinted has been auctioning them off for an average of $2150 per card. Buy: $0.99. … Alpha and Beta cards have black borders, with Alpha cards having more rounded corners than subsequent sets. eBay (brapsmagic) ... 1994 SPELLFIRE MASTER THE MAGIC 102 BANNER OF THE ONE-EYED GOD (3) 1994 SPELLFIRE MASTER THE MAGIC 110 ELF GALLEON (2) ... Price … Key rare cards: Dual Lands, Birds of Paradise Dual Land, Demonic Tutor, Fork, Millstone, Royal Assassin, Serra Angel, Shivan Dragon, Sol Ring, Swords to Plowshares, Vesuvian Doppleganger, and Wrath of God.One rare card per pack. For those looking to extract the most value from their past collection — or even buy their way back into the game — the secondary market is an essential pillar of the Magic hobby. Buy and sell 1994-95 Fleer Ultra Basketball Cards at, your No. $4.00 shipping. Keep reading, because there are some really valuable cards to come... Dan Frazier, who did the art for all five Mox cards, will add a little value to yours by signing it - it's $2 per signature, but it will be worth it if you can sell one of these bad boys. When Magic: The Gathering hit the scene in 1993, it changed the world of trading cards forever. Aside from the ABU-exclusive highlights mentioned above, this shortlist includes all-star cards from Magic’s first few expansion sets: The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale, Bazaar of Baghdad, Library of Alexandria, Mishra’s Workshop, Candelabra of Tawnos, Moat, The Abyss and Chains of Mephistopheles. I've… Decades later it can still change the course of a game. Another Alpha card, this powerful Land card is still a must-have for players with Blue/Green decks because it lets them add a land from either color on demand.

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