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So do hydraulic hoses and cylinders on these larger machines. If you have any info on higher-level goods, please PM me so that I can add it to the spreadsheet. Players will get 11 new products, 3 new crops and 2 new machines. Additional slots for the Lure Workbench and the Net Maker are much more expensive (the ninth slot costs 415 diamonds!). The Cake Oven becomes available when you reach level 21 and comes at a cost of 14,200 coins. Learn how your comment data is processed. Note that it may not be mobile-friendly, though. Tips & Tricks For Leveling Up In Hay Day The higher the experience level the more expensive the building. They are either located on the farm or around the fishing lake. At that point you must collect a completed product before you can add another product to the machine queue. A basket of wool balls and a needle are placed next to the machine. The Mine is the only one that gives items instantly. If your barn is full, you can add additional products to the queue without collecting any of the completed products. The game is run on a server and thus it never really stops. FAQ Q: What is this? All machines can have up to nine slots, except the Lobster Pool and the Duck Salon which can only have six. Raw ingredients include wheat, corn, chilli, tomatoes, potatoes, blackberries, raspberries, brown sugar, white sugar, eggs, butter, cheese, fish fillets and lobster tails. This graph represents the number of production buildings per level. You can make Pancakes, Bacon & Eggs, Hamburgers, Roasted Tomatoes, Fish Burgers, Baked Potatoes and Fish & Chips. Advanced Search; Forum; Supercell Games; Hay Day; Announcements; News; Hay Day Sneak Peek: New Production Buildings! Hay Day Tips, Cheats, Guides, Strategy, Help and Friends. Production buildings are machines used to produce all the various products available in the game. Garlic will be available from level 60 and it takes 30 minutes to grow. The Soup Kitchen is available from level 46, The Candle Maker is available from level 48. The Barn is the main storage building for items produced by production machines, animals or building supplies. Masteries are bonuses players get when they have used the machine for a certain number of hours. Hay Day - level 68 - Rep 15 - Farming with Nobody! For a much more comprehensive table see our Production Buildings List. Items produced in the bakery include an assortment of bread, cookies, muffins and pizza. Run time of the machine is increased, which advances the level of the machine settings. Each machine has one to three slots at the start, which players can use to queue things up. Like with any production machine in the game, after you have reached the first star, the counter will start again at 0 (in case of the Feed Mill, this would be 0 out of 840 hours to reach the second star). Juice Press 31000 level 26 Ice Cream Maker 38000 level 29 Jam Maker 59000 level 35 ( Time to build 1 day 11 hours ) Players can unlock more slots for all machines. Hi everyone! The Sewing Machine is available from level 18. Players can use diamonds (dia) to speed up the building process. Items produced includes chicken, cow, pigs, sheep and goat food from wheat, corn, carrots and soybeans. Each building is unlocked at a different Farm level. That number is the total number of harvests of the tree/bush of that crop (most likely a fruit). Building the machines takes time, increasingly so. Required fields are marked *. Supercell just announced a huge update for their farming sim Hay Day. Hay Day Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Bale hay at about 18% moisture in low-density bales, but use a lower moisture content for high-density large bales. It costs 260,000 coin and takes 3 days and 3 hours or 80 dia to build the Hat Maker. Here's a list of all the Hay Day Items and what is best to keep in the barn or silo. Each building is unlocked at a certain experience level. One of the most critical factors in making quality dry hay is timing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The crops have a random number, too. The Candy Machine is available from level 51. I think it is necessary that we are able to edit the line of production in a machine because that will increase our productivity and it's gonna help us produce what we really NEED at the moment. Production time can be accelerated using diamonds (dia) or by achieving masteries. You produce feed for your animals in the feed mill. The Cake Oven becomes available when you reach level 21 and comes at a cost of 14,200 coins. 1. July 6th, 2017 #9. Each building produces one item at a time, after a few minutes or several hours depending on the product. Production Buildings are machines used to make all the various products available in the game. Candy Machine Toffee: Production Time: 1 Hour, 30 Minutes Ingredients: 1 Butter (from Dairy), 1 White Sugar (from Sugar Mill), 1 Wheat (from Fields) XP Reward: 21 Base Price: 49 Caramel Apple: Production Time: 2 Hours Ingredients: 2 Syrup (from Sugar Mill), 1 Apple (from Trees) XP Reward: 31 Base Price: 71 Jelly Beans: Production Time: 1 Day The Sewing Machine is a Production Building unlocked at Level 19. Each building is unlocked at a certain experience level. The Dairy becomes available at level 6. Stay tuned for more Sneak Peeks to come!! The Ice Cream Maker is available from level 29. Drag the building wherever you would like it to sit on your land. In this video I reveal all the New Machines, New Products and New Crops coming in the March 2020 Hay Day update. Kaptain Kat. All buildings cost coins (coin) either to repair them or buy them in the shop The Bakery becomes available when you reach level 2 and comes at a cost of a mere 20 coins. The Jam Maker is available from level 35. It costs 120,000 coin (or 71 dia) and takes 1 day to build the Candy Machine. Additional slots cost diamonds (dia) except the ones of the Lobster Pool and the Duck Salon, which cost coins (coin). The BBQ Grill is becomes available when you reach level 9 and costs only 730 coins. That number is the (1st, 2nd, 3rd) crop that players can plant in the field.Last of all, the production buildings have parenthesis and a random one-digit number. Thanks! From level 53 on you can plant and harvest Lily, which has a 90 minutes growth time. The maximum number of completed products that can be stacked is 52. 45 This page lists all production buildings available in the game and provides detailed … The initial capacity of the barn is 50 items. It is the source of many ingredients used for produce including cream, butter and cheese. It costs 4,500 coins and takes 20 hours (or 44 diamonds) to build it. The barn is already standing at the start of the game. Producers need to time haymaking to coincide with the right stage of plant growth and weather conditions. This technique is called “stacking” and comes in handy when preparing for certain derby tasks. MAXIMUM PRODUCTION LINE FOR MACHINES IS 9 Doing so is a double bonus to you. The amount of diamonds required to buy additional slots increases with each expansion: the first additional slot costs six diamonds, the second one nine, the third one 12, etc. Lets start with the crops. The Feed Mill is available from level 3 and costs next to nothing. The first building is unlocked at The Sauce Maker  is available from level 54. The Barn can be upgraded using bolts, planks and duct tape . You should also expand the Dairy as soon as possible to keep up with production demands of other machines that require dairy products as ingredients. Therefore, respecting how the game was built, it’s important to continue to play it regularly. Plus, according to Supercell, it delivers the following goodies: Smoothie Mixer production machine lets … 9. YUMMY!! The Lure Workbench is the only one given for free. Tedding may be useful in drying grass crops, but it should be avoided with alfalfa, particularly after the crop has partially dried. The old-timers used to talk about cutting hay around the Fourth of July, when they said, “it was stout and had some bottom to it.” Although maximum growth of the plant and peak yields occur around that time, the nutrient value is greatest earlier in the season, when pl…

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