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I also love to mix it with their Samurai Spirit Maté for a little extra spice to it! The liquor is a deep amber color and also smells of nothing but cinnamon. Teavna 78. 2oz of tea equals 25-30 teaspoons. I have that red hot cheer stuck in my head now. Chai Tea Latte. For stronger flavor, use more tea leaves. I have had this one mixed with the Samurai Chai that Teavana used to have as one of their samples. I figured if I was going to get them I might as well wait until I get some tea from them as well. I steeped this one for the recommended two minutes and it literally tasted like water, so I threw it back in for 5 more minutes. It also cold brews quite well. I’m bumping up my rating a little, mostly due to my craving. That’s how I usually steep whites, and this one isn’t really a particularly high quality white OR a straight white OR a straight white blend-along with the host of other ingredients there’s some green tea in this! But it doesn’t really work in liquid form. =), Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more…. Very little caffeine This tea was steep at 150 degrees F for 2 minutes as instructed. Teavana(TM/MC) Sparkling Blood Orange Mango White Tea. After the ridiculously hard time my youngest gave me while school shopping I thought I deserved a tea break. If you miss Teavana's White Ayurvedic Chai? Remember they are expensive! This is my desert island tea, no question. I don’t think I would re-purchase this, not even to keep me warm this fall. Observation 1: I prepared this tea myself. I drink the White Ayurvedic Chai with the Samurai Chai Mate and they taste fantastic together. It seemed to take a little longer then other products to arrive but came in great shape and came with a free sample just like my other orders from the Teavana site have (which makes sense since they're partnered with Amazon). Red hot! I had it this afternoon, the dry notes smell exactly like cinnamon hearts. Ingredients White Tea*, Cinnamon*, ginger*, licorice root*, hawthorne leaves*, clove buds*, pepper white*, cardamom seed*. Use 1.5- 2 tsp of tea per 8oz of water. Chai Zanzibar Ayurvedic. So fragrant and delicious! I always know that a tea is truly worthy when I panic at the idea of running out of it. Love this mixed with either the Maharajah Chai or the Samurai Spirit Chai! It’s a little on the sweet side, but it’s manageable, however as it cools it becomes far too sweet and is basically drinking a cup of cinnamon hearts, just not as flavourful or hot. Perhaps I will like this tea more down the road. It was a favorite of many Teavana chai tea drinkers and is now one of our best-selling duos! The brochure mentions “no artificial colors,” and the ingredients list indicates “flavoring,” not mentioning whether or not it is natural or artificial. It is sweet with a fragrance redolent of cinnamon, cloves, and apple. Teavana 83. I figured as much, I’m not a fan of green and milk, but I thought: its a chai, so don’t they make the blends expecting you to add milk? Teavana® Mango Black Tea. White Ayurvedic Chai tea blends beautifully with other teas, and blended with Samurai Chai Maté is a match made in heaven. I wasn’t impressed with it when I tried it in the store. :C. I don’t like this one either! Like their blend that I have I find it to be very light on flavour. (So many reviews mention blending this one, and maybe I’ve just not yet developed a sophisticated enough tea-palate to get it, but there’s nothing I’d change in this one.). I like the Blackberry Mojito and Genmaicha! Our team is what? :). Replacement for Golden Monkey Strawberry Lemonade Tea. Somehow this tea is only bested in worseness by the tea that gave me nightmares. :) Sorry this one didn’t do it for you! Good luck with your shopping :D. Autumn-It’s a really big mall with basically two different buildings, and one is in one building and then there’s another in the other building. It tastes like there’s that much in one cup of tea. Exceptional flavor and enjoy it much more. Alone, the cup is not quite enough to keep me interested, and I think that eventually the sweet red-hot taste does get a little bit overpowering. October 15, 2012 — Holy crap, Teavana is discontinuing this blend! The answer is yes. Thanks! As for the tins, I REALLLLY want some of the ones from DAVIDsTEA (the colored ones!) Samurai Chai Mate & White Ayurvedic Chai Blend. Teavana is a specialty retailer offering more than 100 varieties of premium loose-leaf teas, authentic artisanal teawares and other tea-related merchandise. I really hope the pot I’m going for is on sale! Unfortunate that this one doesn’t stand out by itself since it’s one of Teavana’s most popular blends. So, I did that and followed steeping instructions right on the app. One of them is Teavana's White Ayurvedic Chai. This one just makes me swoon from its perfection. The above amount reflects the least amount caffeine that would be expected in their English Breakfast Black Tea using 1-1.5 teaspoons of tea steeped in water 195-205º F for 2-3 minutes.. Teavana Tea Caffeine by Type. Its similar to Teavana's Chai when they use to sell loose and blended teas at their shops. Thanks to a toddler in the house, I drink almost exclusively out of travel tumblers. I do like this one and will probably keep it in cupboard in the regular rotation. Teavana Type Ayurvedic Tea Chai Tea White Tea Loose Leaf Caffeine Content Low Caffeine (1-10% of Coffee) Time of Day Morning Afternoon Evening Anytime: Primary Flavors Cinnamon Sweet Secondary Flavors Cardamom Cinnamon Cloves Coconut Ginger Pepper Pineapple Spicy: Health Benefits (Based on Tea Type and Ingredients) May Help Fight Cancer May Help Prevent Cancer While I wouldn’t call it one-dimensional, necessarily, I would say that the flavors in this one aren’t so complex that it makes a muddy mess of other chais when added to them (or even just other teas), so it seems pretty ideal for that purpose. We met at Teavana. This tea is fabulous: spicy, aromatic, and warming. Yay! Crazy enough this one is better went the Samurai is mixed with it. Iced Peach Green Tea. I love all kinds of cinnamon everything, expecially hearts & gum. Login Not at the same Teavana but we saw each other at different Teavanas across the mall from each other. INGREDIENTS: White Ayurvedic tea, cinnamon bark, ginger root, lemongrass, cardamom, black peppercorn, natural spicy cinnamon flavor, ginger flavor, cloves, dried coconut, and pineapple pieces. And the samples they sent are also perfect! I can barely taste the white tea base, but it is there and adds its own note. ... Iced Chai Tea Latte. The candy, I mean. The warm, aromatic flavours of chai tea have their roots in the ancient Ayurvedic tradition of India, where roadside tea merchants can be found preparing black tea with traditional healing spices like cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper. I attempted to mirror the same tea actually..My daughter had sampled that Teavana White Ayurvedic Chai walking thru the mall one day and really liked it. However, if you really cannot get over your favorite Teavana tea, we have a solution. Ratings, reviews, and information about White Ayurvedic Chai Tea, a Chai / Spiced Tea from Teavana. I'm also open to suggestions for Oolongs to try! You add less than a teaspoon to a whole pie, and the pie is good. And it looks black, not white. Try our White Ayurvedic Chai! Trust me. Our Chopra Ayurvedic Relaxing tea is packed with cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves much like the White Ayurvedic Chai Tea from Teavana. It was a nice calming drink for a difficult afternoon meeting. They are cute and inexpensive. We mix it with White Ayurvedic Chai and are loving it during this Arctic Blast weather we're having! If you like redhots, you’re going to probably find it difficult to dislike this chai. Or green. Be aware that the longer you steep tea, the higher the level of caffeine will be in your cup. This is exactly why I didn’t like this tea. White Ayurvedic Chai by Adagio Teas White Tea / Flavoured $8.00USD for 3oz. Wonderfully relaxing chai tea blended With White Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Lemon Grass, Coconut, Cloves, Black Peppercorn, and Pineapple Pieces. First Impressions. All tea is in vacuum sealed bags. Maharaja Chail Oolong - 4 oz. Several other commenters have said this doesn’t lend itself to milk. Man, this is sublime. Cinnamon is good in small quantities. Thank you for giving me all these neat teas I can’t wait to try! Check the lids! I did however bring some of the white Ayurvedic chai home. This is my first EVER teavana tea from my first EVER swap from oOTeaOo!!! Dragonfruit Devotion - 2 oz. Shame to see a tea go to waste. In fact, it’s simply a Teavana chai tea sachet steeped in hot water. They are the same as the ones their loose leaf tea comes in at the grocery store and I think I paid a about three dollars. Of course, you could always dedicate a tin to a particular type of tea in case you have that problem. :D. Hrmm… not trying to talk you off the ledge or anything… but there’s a sweet spot with specialtybottle.com where if you buy 6 of the TWS6 tins (which hold roughly four ounces of tea each), you still get USPS priority mail price ($5.30 countrywide, me thinks). man… just imagining a cup of liquid cinnamon hearts… shudder. This tea had a more muted Chai smell and taste. It cam out very light. Milk and white tea usually don’t pair well. I thought my milk was stale, I went to the fridge to investigat and my milk doesn’t expire for 10 more days. Awaken your senses with our enlivening White Ayurvedic Chai, a blend of premium white tea with classic Indian chai spices: cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and black pepper. Teavana® Oprah Chai Tea: This distinctive chai tea blend, created in partnership with Oprah Winfrey, is a bold infusion of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves blended with loose-leaf black tea and rooibos. I’m really trying not to go overboard! Thanks, Andrea! I love redhots, myself, so all’s well, but I still find that I prefer to take this tea blended with something else. Life is too short to dwell in the past, and there are thousands of wonderful teas to try. Maharaja Chai Oolong and White Ayurvedic Chai. Assorted Teavana tea. Our loose tea blends of various herbs and ingredients help detoxify and purify the body, provide a wealth of health benefits, and enhance health and endurance. I saw this sitting on my parent’s shelf. Yes, any tea that comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant contains caffeine. Journey to India and take in all its exotic pleasures with this modern twist on a sweet and spicy classic. Orange Cinnamon White Tea; Blueberry Mint Herbal Tea; Watermelon Basil Oolong Tea; Mango Black Tea; Passion Tango® Herbal Tea; Peach Green Tea; Pineapple Berry Blue Herbal Tea; Strawberry Apple Green Tea; Sparkling Blackberry Lime Green Tea; Sparkling Blood Orange Mango White Tea; … I am not sure what it is. It now has an after-tase reminiscent of spoiled milk.. I really enjoy the light flavor it has and the way it balances with the coconut and cinnamon. Regardless from my “Teavana overblends their teas” rant, this one is actually really good! Get nutrition information for Teavana items and over 200,000 other foods (including over 3,000 brands). Teavana Tea is a popular brand of tea recently acquired by the Starbucks Corporation. Can I still order Teavana Online? Two Teavanas in one mall? Ayurvedic teas are used in Ayurveda medicine, one of the world's oldest medical systems rooted in a natural and holistic approach to physical and mental health. We recommend brew for no longer than five minutes. Eight Evidence-backed Benefits of Ginger Tea, 10 Ways to Eat Your Sunscreen this Summer, Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Loose Leaf Tea, 5 Reasons Why Loose Leaf Tea is the Best Choice for You, Pan-Seared Scallops with Earl Grey Beurre Blanc, Coconut Noodle Soup with Tea-Smoked Shrimp, Tea-Smoked Salmon with Citrus-Cucumber Relish, https://tealeavz.com/products/samurai-chai-mate. I’m hoping that they’ll have some stuff on sale in the store because that would be very nice on the wallet! Cinnamon is warming in character and is full of … Andrea sent me this and I can see why she likes it. Samurai Chai Mate - 2 oz. End sales pitch. Tastes just like Tevona! Journey to India and take in all its exotic pleasures with this modern twist on a sweet and spicy classic. And if you are willing to splurge, check out the Balance & Harmony gift set, it has White Ayurvedic, Body & Mind, Monkey Picked Oolong and Peachberry Jasmine Sutra all white their own small black tins for $69.99. Chai tea can take on many different flavors depending on the ingredients in the blend. … What are your opinions? Glad I tried it as I've found nothing that close yet. I’m a big chai fan but the white ayurvedic chai just doesn’t hit my chai spot. The main goal of Ayurveda is to help people achieve health, wellness, and vitality in their life. Chai tea is a sweet and spicy tea recognized by its fragrant aroma created from a blend of tea with a variety of spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, peppercorns, cloves, or coriander seeds. Perfection. TEAVANA company page at teacritic. This one is slightly sweet and has a good spicy bite lurking behind it. I’ve had this one for a few weeks. I never say that about a tea, not even that horrid raspberry herbal of doom deserved a “blegh.” Will not buy and do not want to drink. Its gross. Do you have any thoughts on milk vs. non-milk with this one? Wonderful tea! It's the perfect fit in the cabinet where I store my tea, and I'm pretty sure I'll be ordering more. @Scott B-Thanks! Natural treatments combine mostly plant-based products, diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Heat water to 175 degrees (79 degrees Celsius) and steep for 2 minutes. Maybe the spices overpower the white tea too much. @Bonnie-I do know that they’re very pricey! I’m definitely looking into the Blackberry Mojito now! Teavana(TM/MC) Sparkling Blood Orange Mango White Tea. I went in knowing I wanted something hot and fall like, it’s a little more soothing I find. Caffeine level of White Ayurvedic Chai: Low. Thanks for the suggestions! Iced Chai Tea Latte. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. So it’s been awhile since you posted this note, but I’m curious. However, they are made out of a different material than your basic tea tin and I have had a hard time cleaning out the smell from the previous tea. *Organic/Kosher Brewing Instructions & Caffeine Level White Ayurvedic Chai. Using the iPhone App to find the best tea blend for Tiramisu Treviso Tea gave me White Ayurvedic Chai as the best tea to blend it with it. This tea is a blend from different regions. Naturally sweet cinnamon with spicy pepper and robust clove. Rishi Tea has some double lidded tins that I really like, and they are pretty inexpensive, too. Teavana’s own branded tins are not that expensive-you can get a six ounce tin for $4.50 and it has the nice inner seal built into the lid. I bought the Samurai Chai Mate/White Ayurvedic blend in a Teavana shop and I loved it. Energizing chai with spicy bursts of cinnamon, cloves and pepper tempered with coconut and lemongrass Complex, delicious taste with Ayurvedic health properties Perfect for Chai lovers who want the benefits of white tea Use 1.5 teaspoons of tea per 8 ounces of water. Assorted Teavana tea in tins. White Ayurvedic Chai - 4 oz. Second time I had it was naked and only with sugar and the spoiled milk flavor was still a prominent aftertaste. I cannot taste any of the green tea; still just white tea and cinnamon. Similar to Teavana White Ayurvedic Chai Tea Our delicate White Ayurvedic tea has the traditional chai flavors of cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. Likes or dislikes? I really like the double lid. The aroma releases the zesty notes of lemongrass and ginger while the subtle sweetness of the coconut and pineapple in the blend leaves an intoxicating essence that ties the blend together. I resteeped this later in the afternoon. Well, milk is always blegh for me but it’s especially blegh in white. That’s the first thing that you need to know about this particular chai: it tastes like redhots, those little pebble-shaped candies that are cinnamon and sweetness and altogether too easy to eat in mass quantities. I’m not going to disgrace this comment with the rest. I’m not normally the hugest fan of chais, but for some reason I had a craving for one and so I decided to brew this one up. This is one grand exception: it smells so wonderful and is such a pleasure that I want the full experience of my most treasured stoneware mug to warm my hands and thrill all my senses. Soft floral fragrance; perfect for a winter's day! I would get my tins else where. Unfortunate. I suspect I should steep slightly longer than instructed or perhaps add more tea. But, I’m willing to splurge because I don’t go there very often. This morning I caved and ordered 8oz to be here by the weekend, so in celebration of that purchase I just brewed some up from the last remaining. However, because the white tea is blended with savory chai spices and other delicious ingredients, the level of caffeine is lower compared to that of an unblended white tea. Wow. I’m also planning on getting some more of the Cha Yen Thai tea (it’s soooo good, so thanks to The DJBooth for turning me on to that one! The strangest thing happened to me this afternoon-I had a huge craving for a chai tea! Once steeped it keeps this smell and it tastes just like them as well. I brewed 16oz using 3tsp of tea and 1tsp of rock sugar, steeping for about two minutes at around 175 degrees. The delicate flavor of white ayurvedic tea is blended with chai spices and the zesty notes of ginger, lemongrass, coconut, pineapple, and the essence of cinnamon. But, better. I finally trapesed my butt into Teavana yesterday. another one bites the dust… this I am not too sad to see go, it’s okay but a little sweet for me. Ingredients & Lore blended with white tea, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, lemon grass, coconut, cloves, natural spicy cinnamon flavor, black peppercorn, natural ginger flavor & pineapple pieces Tea consumption in India dates back to around 750 BC. They give me a headache, which is why I couldn’t take more than one sip of this. It tastes like milk aand something funky… like blue cheese maybe? :) Well worth the cost; this canister will last forever. Oh wait, a speck of tea! I’m also THINKING about picking up some of the Body + Mind tea and some of the Samurai Chai blend with this one in it. That might be the lemongrass? :). Like all Starbucks hot teas made with Teavana tea sachets, hot brewed chai tea has zero calories. A hot brewed chai tea is the only chai drink on the Starbucks menu that’s NOT made with pre-sweetened chai concentrate. Our team is what? I smelt a few and I guess from the stress I don’t even remember what I had or how it tasted. Ratings, reviews, and information about White Ayurvedic Chai Tea, a Chai / Spiced Tea from Teavana. It is very spicy and clean tasting. That sounds absolutely divine. I’m not joking when I write that if I could strap the tin to my head like a feedbag just to breathe it in, I would. Observation 5: With milk and sugar: Just don’t do it. Notify me when this product is available: Our delicate White Ayurvedic tea has the traditional chai flavors of cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. I’ve been savoring every cup from the 2oz I bought a few weeks ago and the last week has been torture as I rationed out the last small amount. Cinnamon is the primary bold accent complimented by the ginger and cardamom and other fruits and spices. Track calories, carbs, fat, sodium, sugar & 14 other nutrients. I rather just have the Samurai Chai instead. I’ve read some reviews here and I definitely know that I want to try some! It looks yummy! ... White Ayurvedic Chai: I see mostly lemongrass and cheap spices. Reduce heat to lowest setting and add tea. Iced Guava Black Tea. Teavana makes a wide range of teas and here's how they range caffeine-wise. With creative blends of bright botanicals, real fruit flavors and premium teas, good taste goes everywhere you do. ^^. Observation 3: With sugar, this tea is very light. I love everything about this canister: the seal, the size, the color and finish. I have to say that alone this one is ok. Somehow, the sugar seems to detract from the spice. I ordered one last mix for my stock pile, and I guess I'll have to ex... Steepster — Samurai Chai Mate & White Ayurvedic Chai Blend from Teavana reviewed by KeenTeaThyme | October 15, 2012 White Ayurvedic Chai came in a familiar foil bag that is resealable and features a print label that has all the information a tea enthusiast might need about a tea blend. W h ite Ayurvedic Chai is a more refined tasting chai, as white tea lends a lighter, more delicate tea taste, which pairs beautifully with sweet cinnamon and the brightness of cardamom. I think it’s a bit expensive so I just use the samurai chai since that’s the part I really liked about their chai/chai blend. Poems About Hills, Add Apple Carplay To Toyota Tundra, Wood Stamp Mounts, , Add Apple Carplay To Toyota Tundra, Wood Stamp Mounts, ... teavana … I bought a couple ounces with there being 30% off. Christ on a bike. High quality white tea combines with cinnamon, coconut, pineapple, ginger, cardamom, and cloves, giving this balancing tea a complex, sweet, full-bodied flavor. The cinnamon scent was still very prominent, but the taste wasn’t. Sometime soon, I’ll have to give this a try without milk to see if I can’t pick out the fruit and herbal flavors they mention, as most of the time I think the milk crushes them utterly. They won’t quite get to you by this weekend though, so that might need to be taken into consideration. Steep until tea takes on a deep, pinky-tan colour, about 3 minutes, stirring occasionally. Get Tea from Target to save money and time. Ingredients: White tea, cinnamon, lemongrass, candied pineapple pieces (pineapple, sugar), coconut chips (coconut, coconut fat, sugar), ginger pieces, cloves, artificial flavoring, bruised black pepper, cardamom, http://www.teavana.com/us/en/tea/white-tea/white-ayurvedic-chai-tea-31334.html?&srule=Featured&start=0&sz=24&q=white%20chai&navid=search, Maharaja Chai Oolong and White Ayurvedic Chai, Samurai Chai Mate & White Ayurvedic Chai Blend. The flavor will be a little less intense with a second infusion, but the caffeine level is reduced. yeah I love cinnamon but not cinnamon hearts, or hot cinnamon gum either. If you're looking for more of a chai flavor, try blending the White Ayurvedic Chai with our Samurai Spirit Chai Maté - a very popular blend! You’re welcome, Ian-it’s a blend that they sometimes have free sampling of in the store, so you may be able to try before you buy. I’m definitely planning on picking up a tiny Yixing because they’re relatively inexpensive and I would like one just to try. However I use smaller tins for the most part and Teavana has some bigger tins that may suit your needs better. Observation 2: Naked, I taste the cinnamonn and white tea. or Adagio Teas. ), Ha – the film “Best in Show” I think is the reference for that comment… lolol, The samurai chai does blend very well with this chai. As with everything, your mileage may vary! This is a good alternative and perhaps a bit less Chai flavour. However in the second and third steeps the peppercorns come through more. An exclusive score based on the Steepster community. More than 300 Teavana stores in North America and the Middle East each day introduce people to the wide world of loose leaf tea and build new groups of tea enthusiasts. Balance all your Chakras! Teavana 75. This one always makes me think of red hots. Teavana® Mango Black Tea. Bring water and milk to a simmer with desired spices in a medium saucepan. You can find the teas with the exactly the same name or very close substitutes with similar ingredients. That went into mugs with rice milk—2/3 tea, 1/3 rice milk. Iced Black Teas. Hi Jerry - Condition is "New". Overall, blegh. This is really yummy! but I would have to pay for shipping costs and that’s a pain and I really only need two or three, so it would be better to just pick some up in store, I have seen those! The initial steep unless you brew it with the Samurai does not have a whole lot of flavor. Or green oolongs. ... Brewing Instructions: (from Teavana) Use 1.5 teaspoons of tea per 8 ounces of water. I’m going to a VERY large mall this weekend (the King of Prussia mall right outside of Philadelphia-it’s the largest mall in America in terms of retail size), and they have not one but two Teavana’s there, so I’m definitely planning on picking up some stuff. Yep, just as yummy as the first time, and I love the bite to it. (https://tealeavz.com/products/samurai-chai-mate), This has become one of my favorite teas! (cue dramatic music…. I’ve had the genmaicha and I rather liked it! I find Teavana’s tins to be a bit expensive. I see you’ve gone the milk route and liked it (and I normally do a 2/3 to 1/3 like you). White Ayurvedic Chai. We don't know when or if this item will be available. The initial flavor is good but after steeps is where this one gets better. Observation 4: With milk, I don’t even knnow how to tastefully describe this. Another tip if you are concerned with caffeine levels is to re-brew the same leaves a second time. I know they haven’t drank tea in a long time since they bought a Kuerig, so I decided to claim this one as my own! It is a subtle but alluring flip on a classic chai by adding coconut, pineapple pieces, and natural ginger flavor to create a complex nose and full-bodied flavor without being too spicy. sign up I’ve also had a couple of tins that the lids didn’t fit right so I’m a bit biased about the whole tin subject. First swap note. The blend is very pretty and smells a lot like cinnamon. Try our Golden Monkey tea mixed with our Strawberry Kiwi Fruit tea. Jan 17, 2013 - Reviews and information for Samurai Chai Mate & White Ayurvedic Chai Blend tea from Teavana on Steepster, a community of tea lovers. Scott B. that kind of sounds like the start to one of those ridiculous ‘private eye’ kind of shows that usually involves a dame…. My RoT tins with the gasket don’t seem to seal as well. Does anyone know of a replacement for it, or something relatively similar to it? … Ingredients: White Tea, Cinnamon, Ginger, Lemon Grass, Cardamom, Black Peppercorn, Natural Spicy Cinnamon Flavor, Cloves, Coconut, Pineapple Pieces & Natural Ginger Flavor This tea contains a low level of caffeine | Steep at 212° for 5 minutes. @Missy-That’s what I’m thinking-I’m pretty sure that I might just pick up some of the samurai chai and then just mix the remaining with this. I will have to try this one. There are some yixing pots 30% off right now. Iced Green Teas. This is a fairly decent tea, but I don’t like the aftertaste. I hate red hots. You end up with six (smaller) tins for about the price of two of Teavana’s tins. to leave a comment. High quality white tea combines with cinnamon, coconut, pineapple, ginger, cardamom, and cloves, giving this balancing tea a complex, sweet, full-bodied flavor. Boyfriend review: Interesting combination…. Masala Chai (Ayurvedic) Unknown 75. Red hot! It isn’t the best. Select Same Day Delivery or Drive Up for easy contactless purchases. ), some tins, and a scoop. Steep these two together and pour it over ice for a unique summertime brew. Blue Teapot Flavor on the go. The time I went the guy kept telling me the tea WASN’T very good on a lot of the tea because they buy in large bulk. A wonderful tea that is a gateway to health and happiness. Grabbed a cup of this iced from Teavana while shopping with the kidlets, in an attempt to spice this cold to death.

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