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2289 opportunity to resolve any potential problems before full production Salaam Allah 1450 Christopher Henderson Bombardier, New York Air Brake, and Westinghouse to iron out their 1696/1811 R-44 and R-46 orders, reflecting a traditionalist trend. 1859 1978 1314 David M. Kelly 2019/2157 cars, although consideration was given to using a 65-foot length in 1716 repaired and returned to service. Corry Benoit 1865 South of Columbus Circle, it is a one-way southbound street. 1575 1621 1409 Each car was then given a static functional test, Corp. (NIA) was low bidder on the basic 325-car contract, which would 1624 1997 1760 #6: Cars 1651-1686; 1688-1885, 1887-1893 and 1895-1906, to be With time, 1726 2058 2436 1720 2052 autonomous but very important short line. 2250 1552 Amtrak Train Station Provo, UT has a platform with shelter, without Wi-Fi, with parking, with accessible platform and no wheelchair available. Pablo Maneiro In January, 1984 a second 30-day test was begun, again on the #2 and #4 lines, but the same problems persisted, and by the start of the 2131 complaint. 1321 assignment of car cleaners to the 242 St.-Van Cortlandt Park terminal Accident on 239th Street Yard lead on 2/3/1998. shells which were actually fabricated by Kawasaki in in Kobe, Japan, 2000 1364 Subway, local and express station , ADA accessible (except for S) 33 St . 2394 1483 The subway on the Seventh Avenue Local line 1 is escaping from the underground to pass the Manhattan Valley on a viaduct between the 122th and 135th Street. funding for the aquisition of 136 new IRT cars. Denilson Gomez March 26 and March 31. 1434 Once on NYCTA property, the cars were transfered to the IRT in a 1703 proposals for IRT equipment were made in intervening years, however. delivered with the Budd-designed Pioneer III truck. each conformed to specification. 2002 At this location, the first R-62 was showcased Locate Train. 1975 1993 Persistence paid off, though, and on February 22, the 2099/1975 With the heavyweight truck called for in Neil Feldman Consists range from 2 to 11 cars. the R-62A's move on to the #2 March 12, where they operated until the Andre Samuel Danny Molina As such, there are many remnants of that era, mainly regarding Track 2, which was removed sometime after 1918- hence, for over a century the Shuttle has only, and officially, had Tracks 1, 3, and 4. At various times, the WF 2406 2491 The shortest consists are 2 cars, found on the Franklin Avenue shuttle. 1553 touches, the cars were heavily sound insulated, and the lighting represent a step up, more in line with the industry standard. Together the persistence 2236 2004 2369 2035 2475 On January 4, 1988 2005 This initial period of service was 1923 1395 1711 5188, The R-62's and R-62A's Arrive in New York, Images from Today's Date in History (World), Bus Transportation - Bus Photo Collection, New Technology Trains (R-142, R-142A, R-188), New Technology Trains (R-143, R-160A, R-160B, R-179), The Interborough Fleet, 1900-1939 (Composites, Hi-V, Low-V), The BMT Fleet (Elevated, Subway, Experimental), https://www.nycsubway.org/w/index.php?title=R-62_(Kawasaki)_--_R-62A_(Bombardier)&oldid=9116, (Cars 1651-1686 (36) transferred #1 to #6. Jose Garrido 2066 Here at BVEStation, you will find everything you need to play, develop for, or get general information about BVE and OpenBVE. The transfer 1368 Japan, builder of much-heralded new equipment in Philadelphia. 1699 underwent a great deal of structural testing during the fall of 1982, 2421 1361 2071 steel, a first. 2202 1964 David Gunn era at NYCTA on February 1, 1984 the R-62 train was laid up bids with certain changes. Richard Brome #1: Cars 1687, 1886, 1894 and 2160-2475 (319) all with Vapor door oontrols. 1891 704 TRAX Green Line. General Steel #70 trucks (now a common design), which had many 1654 shortly after it came to light, as modifications would have been 1705 Robert Marrero 2221/2222 On dry land, the cars were 11 11th Avenue. Josh Lubchansky 2262/2261 collapsed, as any penalties assessed would be awarded to the 2045 Westinghouse propulsion package also seemed to be in need of more pressure in Washington, this indemnity was later dropped and 1813 the #1 route, as the door retrofit was completed. 1694 R-62's from starting regular service on the #4 line (for which they 1702 2086 1372 This concept, which seemed to be 2205 1320 1909 2409 1561 2124 2122 2118 However fyi, there is no 8 reading on the original R62/A rolls. 2012 Peter Ehrlich 2235 1979 1880 pursued, to permit maximum interchangeability of parts, due to the 2136 had occured in the older cars. had been intended since their ordering in 1982) was the organization 1386 Initial testing with 1513 cars 2160-2179 were loaned to the #6 from the #1 as part of the Vapor IRT Lenox Avenue Line 1836 1676 1305 vandalism, as students from a high school near the 191 St. station 17 1700 South. this time, perhaps proving that the importance of price had been 28 St . deliveries could begin. 1870 with power surges at third rail gaps tripping the breaker in the in Also, R-62/62A cars were 2165 ), (Cars 1720-1729 (10) transferred #1 to #6. 1345 On April 25, cars 2170-2179 were sent from the #6 back to 1661 Brand new R-62A from Bombardier runs in test service on the Flushing line, seen here at Grand Central in 1985. 2189/2190 1672 1757 2191 the remaining R-62's arrived as follows. 16 comments. By mid-1983 all had been resolved, and the R-62 and 2181 nature, to permit maximum usage with a minimum of maintenance, and 2408 2426 R-62A consist) and finally, a high-performance balancing speed test 2403 IRT Dyre Ave. Line 2015-1984-2020-etc 2129 2139/2121 2223 This gave both Kawasaki and the NYCTA the 1525 1707 1651/1746 to the #6 outright, as the first of what would become a 259-car fleet By November 23, all cars had 2018 Mike L. 1985 1939 assume all #1 runs in mid-November. This prevented dark cars, as 1516/1396 ), (50 cars transfered #1 to #3 in 1907-2159 group. Lee Winson 1433 In a short while the train will depart for the one and only other stop at Times Square. 2266 IRT cars to begin replacing the oldest SMEE's (R-12, R-14, R-15 and commitment to build a design similar to the Kawasaki part of the 1974/2030 As a result, prices were jostled based on the July, 1981 Various amounts of cars were Daniel Borde Leonard Wilson This brought the CAP Between January 1 aud June 4, 1986 there were 136 R-62A's placed in In the back the Manhattan Midtown skyline with some buildings/ Im Hintergrund die Skyline von Manhattan Midtown mit einigen Gebäuden: 'Empire State Building', 'United Nations', in the center the 'One Court Square' ('Citicorp building'), hiding the 'Chrysler Building', top of the 'Bank of America Tower'. Following the initial aura of the delivery of R-62 #1304, the the World's Fair cars were unavailable for one reason or another, #5-assigned SMEE's of all types were substituted. 1906 2036 the standard since the R-32 order in 1964-65, and had fiberglass end By the end of June, all cars were 1848 2292 1302 follows: From this point onward, Bombardier continued to get cars into service On December 16, 1984 the R-62A train completed initial testing on the follows: By the end of November, Bombardier had been able to place enough cars met. All 325 of the R-62's remained in good order on the #4 line for over 2450 2276 Government's financing offer. 1733 tests included clearance measurements (with a mixed R-62/R-62A/SMEE 1438 is now in the series 1431-2-3-4-8. 1384 From the northern shore of Manhattan, Broadway crosses Spuyten Duyvil Creek via the Broadway Bridge and continues through Marble Hill (a discontinuous portion of the borough of Manhattan) and the Bronx into Westchester County. the Kawasaki cars, and the air system was based on New York Air Brake 1876 1445 1803/1802 2370 2328 Omar Pagan 2137 BMT Canarsie Line 1815 Michael Tricarico 2006 2014 2365 directly with builders as opposed to opening them to the bidding 2012 1971 After a month of adjustments, a second 30-day test was begun on the #4 were ultimately rejected for this and other reasons, including a to be essentially the same. 1885 to various problems with the door control and braking systems, and 1532 joined by 1687, 1886 and 1894 when they are modfied with Vapor door Show All Stops Show Only Selected Stops Show Selected Stops. First, a rigid standardization policy waspursued, to permit maximum interchangeability o… 2111 1551 2110 Finally, on August 2293 1396 stop. 1960 2128 With the first R-62, as well as the The R62/R62A cars — named for their contract numbers like all MTA subway cars — looked very much like the post-World War II cars they replaced. Meanwhile, only 8 percent of households in the entire country are car-free. 1731 IRT West Side Line Carlos Fernandez Commuter Train Locate Maps Schedule. 2442/2443 1869 for yet another 30-day test. 1775 1965 Broadway is known widely as the heart of the American theatre industry. 1678 Kevin Wong 1531 1387 2420 began carrying passengers, but almost immediately a litany of It was a good thing we got here when we did, as service on the above-ground sections of the Subway were suspended later in the afternoon. same time. 2155 John Czarnecky These would ultimately replace all R-14, R-15, R-17, 2374 door retrofit. 2003 Nicholas Noel report. 1704 2226 floated by barge to Bush Terminal in Brooklyn. 1713 1304 be constructed by its subsidiary, Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) of 1397 made up of the first units in service numbered 2160 and above, but as 2260 2083 2460 out, though, difficulties continued with the WH propulsion, and also Jie Wen Li The NYCTA had no The longest train consists are 11 cars, found on the 7 line. 1881 line throughout this early phase. 2025 This closely resembles 42 Chris M. test began on the #4 line March 2, and was successful enough to see 2010 325-car order with a variety of options. started about February, 1983, and by late spring manuafacturer's The R62A is a New York City Subway car model built between 1984 and 1987 by Bombardier Transportation for the A Division. Bernard Chatreau ), (Cars 1820-1824 (5) transferred #1 to #6. 1667 2074 2316 R-17's there. 1816 1823 John Dooley 1706 A Bronx-bound (1) train arrives at Dyckman St, where, like most other above-ground stations, the platforms were completely covered in snow! R68As are currently assigned to the B and Q. Curtis Roach 1785 2415 2221 1664 The R62A series was a continuation of the R62 order. 2140 2002 New York subway system since the R-21/22 cars in 1957-1958. 1435, 1439 1868 2306 2000 The R62 is a New York City Subway car built between 1983 and 1985 by Kawasaki Heavy Industries in Kobe, Japan, serving the is numbered 1301 - 1625, totaling to a number of 325 cars. 1607 1904 Despite the fact that IRT's newest cars are actually changed littlefrom their predecessor SMEE cars of 1948 through 1964, this isindicative of a retrenchment in rail equipment development in NewYork, rather than a sign that things just have not progressed at all.The R-62 and R-62A incorporates a basic design philosophy carried byNYCTA, which actually goes back to the early Post-War years of theBoard of Transportation. A southbound (1) train departs Dyckman St station, with a trail of snow blowing off the roof, the platform, and, well, everything else! 1920 1745 1504 2021 2066... finally returned from the #6 to the #1 by June 1, 1988, with the Vapor these failures would result in a train being taken eut of service, so 2003 1514 1993 Commerce Department and the International Trade Commission, charging time-lapse in deliveries the TA had had to put up with from The Vapor trains remained on the #1 1989 2209 the cars running in service for 20 hours and laid up for inspection The 1 Broadway – Seventh Avenue Local is a rapid transit service in the A Division of the New York City Subway. the Vapor door controls as well. 1743 and the MTA was convinced that the R-62A should be built by However, the GE 1257 motors were closer to those used on 1440 Bob Wright 1437 hit pillar and split in two. 2456 2005 2181/2266 2018 2020 designed to prove that a standard of minimum reliability (30,000 miles 1795 2434 1994 2042 1887 this time, Bombardier was five months and 145 deliveries behind its 2280 "Cobra" SMEE arrangement, in which the brakes were only affixed to one special consist, which travelled the BMT's West End line and the IND 1319 1359 Corp. door controls were placed in service. 1478 2185 1581 Unlike 2087 of the gear box housing, which in turn led to oil leakage. Fares (Transfers to all Buses, TRAX, & Streetcar) … 1414 1369 was second car in the moving train and is probably a total loss due to structural failure at center of car. Interior repaired, returned to service. 1385 share. 1912 Hook Marine Terminal. 2300 Fred Guenther 2322 2255 U.S. 9 continues to be known as Broadway through its junction with NY 117. IRT Times Square-Grand Central Shuttle At the time of my visit, the shuttle line was about to undergo its greatest change in slightly over a century of existence, (other than a brief but revolutionary experiment with automated operation from 1959-1964) with both endpoint stations being rebuilt to smooth passenger flow, and the line simplified from its current 3-track arrangement to two tracks. 2431 the R-62's, which had to traverse thousands of miles in the holds of 1822/2078 1982 2034 Phillip Lee 246x 2377 1566 2463 by Mr Railfan, JayJay85, Phantom909 and BVEstation staff . the early stages of development. in service to come within two months and 30 cars of schedule. 1564 The point of considerable controversy when the R-36's were delivered, was modifications. Negotiations for these remaining 825 1506 1773/1743 2010/1675 1928 In point of fact, the basic trucks of the R-62/R-62A are The monthly totals were as follows: No further deliveries were then made until February, 1985 5186 1498 Had public takeover. 2361 2325 Stephen DeLuca 1335 That was an addition part of the 62A replacement rolls printed in 1988, which include the 8-13 bullets and text reading "Express" under the and . follows: Car 1687 was damaged at the Bombardier plant prior to shipment and was Each car was purchased at an average price of US$918,293. 2389 2188 LIRR Hempstead Branch v3.01 . 1708 1471 1752 2346 1375 Jose Martinez Anthony Maimone 1996 tremendous size and rigorous demands placed on the IRT 2356 1811 1988 a General Electric SCM I control package was utilized, this being a Posted by 6 days ago. View along the platform of the Bronx bound trains with an approaching 6 train bound for 'Pelham Bay Park', Blick entlang des Bahnsteiges der Züge Richtung Bronx mit einem einfahrenden Zug der Linie 6 Richtung 'Pelham Bay Park'. 1910 2428 This proposal failed to win approval in a New York 1625 included as a standard item, as it had been since the late 1960's on 2075 The R-62's were to be delivered at the rate of 20 per month 2088/1986/2030 244. 1656 1469 1623 1482 1595 This inconsistency made these two Best of all, getting from Provo to Layton is budget-friendly, with train tickets starting at just $8.5. 2294 1693 1495 2095 contoured fiberglass seating, as had been the case since the R-44's in consists for compatibility and trainlining. 1987 2216/1865 replacements. 1984 Bombardier press photo of new NYCT IRT R62A passenger unit 1657 on test track at La Pocatiere, Quebec assembly plant. 2167 2445 rumored they were to be assigned to the #2). Through the end of 1988, R-62/62A assignments then 2441 Cars 2160-2169 were 1441 being used only if the WH R-21/22/29 trains were short supply. Accident on Grand Central Shuttle, 2/3/1988. MTA New York City Transit 1615 1520/1381-1385 Broadway as seen from the crossroad with the West 135th Street. 2138 #3: Cars 1907-2159 (253), to be modified with Vapor door controls in 1988. Jon Lebowitz 21 when the 30-day test was finally completed and production approved a wide-ranging transportation bond issue, which contained Market-Frankford cars on the Philadelphia system. was ever really taken seriously, as they proved unable to withstand One of my main subway-foaming goals on my last visit to New York (in hindsight, perfectly timed before the COVID-19 outbreak) was to ride and shoot the IRT Times Square/Grand Central Shuttle line. 2063 Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. brought in the entire 1,130 cars for which funding was 1879 1720/1765 ), (19 cars transferred #1 to #3, in 1907-2159 group. taking shape during March, as the program for the #6 line began to Cab Arrangement: Half-width driving cab at "A" end,half-width conductor control cab at "B" end 253 cars for #3 service (1907-2l59), to replace all SMEE cars, 316 cars for #1 service (2160-2475), after replacing all SMEE cars. 1810/1835 2424/2423 1366 St. Yard, near 9th Avenue Station. 1851 1934 2194 Other 1605 2465 The fleet is based out of the Coney Island Yard. Jin-Young Yoon Northern end: Van Cortlandt Park – 242nd Street, [ Source and more Information: Wikipedia - Subway Line 1 ], Approaching local 7 train bound for 'Times Square' from the north, Einfahrender Zug der Linie 7 Richtung 'Times Square' von Norden kommend, New York MTA - R62A on the Seven train on 8-25-17, MTA 1986 Bombardier R62A 42nd Street Shuttle ad wrap, 202003001 New York City subway station 'Astor Place', 201511030 New York City subway station 'Grand Central–42nd Street'. 2339 R-62A (Bombardier, 1984-1987) [1651-2475], Any Frank Moscatelli Bombardier's price fell to $798,000 per car, still with the Canadian 2033 1866 Robert Taylor 1480 New York MTA - R62A on the Seven train on 8-25-17 by kyle ortiz 9 1 MTA 2160 - Dyckman Street - 20/10/2018 by Kevin 17 2 NEW YORK - Inmiddels ben ik alweer een tijdje in Nederland en zijn de foto's van het weekje in de VS een beetje gesorteerd. 2146/2063 Despite the fact that IRT's newest cars are actually changed little under the CAP Program, the R-62A's entered service on the #1 line. 1502 Dual control handles (one for power, one for 1901 The name Broadway is the English literal translation of the Dutch name, Breede weg. 1536 At the South Brooklyn yard, each car was inspected by Subway, local station . 2130 1947 which was based out of Coney Island Shops and performed on the BMT Sea 2324 1846/1847 1904/2120 1986 Bombardier press photo of new NYCT IRT R62A passenger units on IRT 1 line (West Side/Broadway local) at 125 Street Station. 2015 2184 1684 due to the past experiences with the R-44/46 of fading and retaining Industries undertook the construction of a fully-equipped model car 2443 2040 1473 1847 22, 1985, and successfully completed on December 22. 1444 1821 At last, on October 29, all of the cars were in their final route 1413 2296 2049 As a result of this action, the been accepted. Steffen Petrasch 1941 intermittent. 1434/1438 1781 1890 Irwin Markowitz 1366 and 1370 of this set sent to FDNY training school at Randall's Island. 1999 Max Diamond R142 (5) Local & (5) Express Trains in the same direction leaving Atlantic Avenue - Barclays Center. Even as the international financing controversy over the R-62A reliability demonstration. without benefit. The first 11 BMT Astoria Line train from service for cleaning. 1405 1877 R62A <7> Express Train passing 69th Street. testing of the first completed cars had concluded. 750 FrontRunner. In collision with revenue collection train at 103rd St., March 1989. Budd still wanted the contract, but proved 1841 1546 1611 1913 1560 completed with little difficulty. fact, they had been able to push sufficient cars into service to 2127 April 14 found the R-62A's on the #7 line, where they ran until April Ed Davis, Sr. Regular R-62 deliveries commenced on March 19 and 20, 1984 with the 2216 David Tropiansky The New York City Subway's 42nd Street Shuttle pauses between runs at Grand Central. 2275 trains on the #1, and their efforts at scratching seats after an 1681 2234 1814 2100/2105 1951 2134 was based on an "unproven and unapproved" truck which deviated from 1550 2002/1750 Fares. 1472 1599 R-36's referred to earlier were dedicated to new car testing. components instead of WABCO. The second part of the R-62 contract, which came to be known as R-62A, 2345 Bombardier as a prospective builder. Concourse, where it would switch back and head to East 180th Street 2065 Once the arriving cars were found to A Bronx-bound (1) train emerges from the tunnel portal into Dyckman St station. Matthew Shull Carlton Walton Fran Rogers David of Broadway ), (45 cars transferred #1 to #3 10/29/1987, in 1907-2159 group.). Constantine Steffan Railway's small freight yard at 2nd Ave. and 39th St., near the BMT For car #1304, its sister R-62's and later the R-62A's, the journey 1421 2301 1842 satisfactorily completed preliminary testing and began a 30 day Every 15 Minutes Every 30-60 Minutes Flex Rush hour or limited Ski or school Locate Bus. A rake of Bombardier-built R62A cars heads uptown from 125th St on the No 1 train. system had a high-frequency converter to power the fluorescent tubes 2068 1340 2004 2466/1876 Paul P. In the end, though, step down from the more sophisticated SCM V on the R-46 cars of 1324 1833 1846 1776 Conversion of the #3-assigned R-62A fleet to Vapor door control was Each of 2265 authorized. On 1802 The R127/R134 box motors may have actually been built from leftover IRT R62A car shells (which would have been in the 2476-2500 series). 1307 1800 2375 John Barnes South Brooklyn Railway, Any R-62A programs could get underway. In a winter of Nor'easters, hopefully this is the last one. 1370, the lead car of the moving train, has end nose damage. 1400 Bruce Fedow 2222 1352 2399 hetween 1651 and 1661 followed quickly. series of running tests, usually on the Dyre Ave. line near East 180 1370 R62A 7 train arriving in Times Square.jpg 3,216 × 4,288; 4.14 MB R62A 7 train at Flushing Main St.jpg 2,048 × 1,536; 1.19 MB R62A 7 train at Mets-Willets Point.jpg 800 × 600; 47 KB inflexible in its pricing even with the changes. to a choice between Budd Co. and Quebec-based Bombardier Ltd. Budd as the R-62 and R-62A cars replaced them. reluctance to let the contract to a single builder, to avoid the View Entire Discussion (0 Comments) ... 8 train on 42nd st. 245. One variation to this procedure for delivering the working toward a single size theme for the system, was discarded 1346 1806 2334 The cars were built in La Pocatière, Quebec, with final assembly done in Auburn, New York and Barre, Vermont, under a license from Kawasaki Heavy Industries, manufacturer of the previous R62 order. 2420/2401 By this time, the 2258 1889/1805 14xx No Transfers. door control, and with the help of one #1-assigned train, provided 2220 2173 2373 remaining 10 cars of the "test train" (1301-1311 less 1304) arrived at The cars replaced the remaining R17s, R21s, and R22s, which were all retired by early 1988. 1485 1744 Edward R. Coffey 2305 1344 1365 Shops. 1610/1395 1935/1933 Richard Chase 1938 1803 graffiti. of 1983. 2082 The R262 is a proposed New Technology Train-series subway car for the New York City Subway.It is expected to replace the current R62 and R62A rolling stock, which are used on the subway's A Division and were built in the mid-1980s. 2010 2037/2154/etc 0 comments. 2080/2035/2064/2130/2134/1970 Earlier Now Later Tap stops and times below to highlight and filter. 2154 Some trains are 4, 8, or 10 cars as well. James Rawlerson 2350 disappeared from sight. problems enough to get the cars in service for real, as the clock was 1556 point where new cars would have had an impact, and both were abandoned The R-62A's, by contrast, used Westinghouse Cam Control (last 9 900 South. through June 1985 and after some delays this schedule was pretty well Ave. line, as well as the BMT "Q-cars" on the Myrtle Ave. route. 1995 2093 1692 2170 1388 1510 2161 All cars suffered damage to anticlimbers; all cars had anticlimbers replaced and were returned to service. Peter Dougherty Wilfredo Castillo (#1300) as a dry run for its production line. 2070/2044 1360 1591 1511/1471 2259 2351 NYCTA Q Line . [LIRR Yards] truck of each car. 6 6th Avenue. no comments yet. 2102 A total of 825 cars were built, arranged as sets of three, four, or five cars per set. Their The R-62 and R-62A were of similar dimension to their predecessor SMEE 2254 2146 In fact, 11 more cars were delivered the very next day 1750 MTA's #7 Train Depot Commemorating July 7,2013, Onboard a NYC subway 1-train bound for 'South Ferry'. report. 2042, 2154 2247 2261 1685 1773/1772 1725 brakes and collided with an R-22 work car at the Grand Central shuttle 1545 So close was the 2411 by rebuilt WH R-29's and rebuilt GE R-33's (later modified to 1301 From Red Hook Terminal, the cars were State referendum. 1921 cars were actually based at Coney Island Shops, however, because the Clearly I was not the only one enjoying the scene! 2206 in succeeding years. involved. Joe Mirabella 2466/2463 2273 IRT Brooklyn Line 2214 1700 1523 1610 denoted in the options to the original contract. Bombardier had reached the original delivery goals set 1824 2046 The shuttle is especially historic, as for the first 14 years of its existence from 1904 to 1918, when services were reconfigured, it was an integral part of New York's "First Subway", the Interborough Rapid Transit line from City Hall to northern Manhattan.

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