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Diamond rings are the most expensive at my level. There are a total of 93. No, 1 of the new 23 is the most expensive item now, not sure wich one but I know that one is way more expensive than the blanket HayDay; Magic - Level 57 June 27th, 2016 #3 3. If you can hire Tom you can have him get the most expensive items available at your level and resell them. I sold 10 for 4780 coins, so 478 per bowl. Experience points (xp) can be gained by: harvesting crops and animal goods crafting items in production buildings filling truck, boat and town visitors orders selling goods to visitors reviving trees and bushes popping … Hay Day; General Discussion; Most Profitable Items; Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last. The most expensive item I´ve come across so far is the tomatoe soup. Hay Day puts you in charge of rehabilitating a farm that's seen better days. Experience (or XP) is the player's level in the game. A large stack of an expensive item may not sell for a while longer, but don't forget eventually the items will be bought by one of the NPCs. Not every machine follows this rule but it's a good place to start. Hay Day Newspaper Tip. Please enjoy. Use these tips to get more free diamonds. For example I believe pancakes are the most profitable item made in the barbecue but each.....serving takes one brown sugar and is made in 25 minutes on a mastered machine. Now over a 6 hour period On maximum pricing: Sweter - x3 (2 hour production @ 1 wool each) + 7 Wool = $831 Hi, this is my guide to making money and doing other arbitrary things in Hay Day. Having more diamonds allows you to spruce up your farm and have more fun. There are 4 types of supplies: Land-clearing supplies: axes, dynamite, saws, shovels and TNT barrels. ... //youtu.be/n0Zf2umRnys - HAY DAY - … Hay Day is one of the most popular free to play games on the App Store, but it'll cost you a bundle in in app purchases if you're not careful. Pasta Salad (759 per unit) I'm currently level 57 so if you're lower or higher level you may have to make alterations to use this guide to your advantage. I'm not aware of the products beyond Level 69 because I just leveled up a few days ago, but feel free to check out the Goods list and sort by coins. Below you will find the list of the Production Buildings, along with every single item possible to produce from them. The longer the duration, the easier it tends to be to sell. Bakery Bread: Level… Supplies are rare items used to clear and expand the land in the farm and the town, increase the capacity of storage buildings, extract ore from the mine, and improve town buildings. A quick look shows that the top 5 most expensive items are - Blanket (1,098 per unit) Lemon Cake (896 per unit) Diamond Ring (824 per unit) Seafood Salad (763 per unit), and. Special thanks to the Hay Day Guide Book and whoever wrote about Trees and Bushes. Hay Day farmers receive 1-3 diamonds every time they go up a level. It depends on your level. For example, I've worked out the supply chain for wool, at level 28. Building supplies: bolts, brick, duct tape, … This post was last updated: 01/09/2014. Diamonds are the main currency on Hay Day. Lastly, if you get to level 24 then you can get tons of diamonds just by mining, but you will have to make it to that level first. Players receive 1-3 diamonds for each Hay Day achievement they complete. ... View Forum Posts Private Message Super Member Join Date Oct 2013 Posts 848. It can be easy to miss, but newspapers can be a super quick and easy way to make extra money. Lower quantities also help as people are trying to fill in boat orders and may not need 10 but just 2 to 4. You may have seen newspapers around when playing Hay Day and didn’t think anything about them. You grow and harvest crops, raise livestock, clearing land, and … When players have gained enough experience points they change levels, which allows them to progress in the game. I am starting this Hay Day adventure from level 1, so that I can re-experience all the difficulties from beginning Hay Day with almost nothing. Level and ingredient requirements are included too, so that you can decide how to best allocate your resources. Here are some tips I've figured out on how to get ahead in the game without paying a dime. Assuming all food sources for sheep is infinite, it takes 6 hours to make one wool, and you have a maximum of 10 sheep over that period. Supplies are unlocked from experience level 1 and up.

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