do otocinclus eat algae wafers

If you do not have sufficient algae in the tank, you must feed otocinclus catfish some algae. Otto cats are primarily herbivores so you will need to supplement their diet with algae wafers if you think they may not be getting enough algae to eat. They are so fun to watch! I have ... My otos aren't eating algae wafers? Feeding Otocinclus Algae Wafers? Well parameters look great. Oto's are wild caught fish and therefore they will tend to eat nothing but algae. Finicky Fish Management: Start off by making sure the water chemistry is correct. They mostly eat algae which is what they would normally eat in the wild. Feed your algae-eating fish a protein-rich diet scientifically formulated to promote healthy growth and cleaner, clearer water with API algae eater wafers. As far as I know ottos need to eat 24/7 to be healthy, So giving them veg a few times a week is not sufficient if the tank doesn't supply additional food for them to munch on. Oto Catfish will eat algae with the same vigor and enthusiasm as the Bristlenose Pleco and the Siamese Algae Eater. Otocinclus Catfish are strictly herbivores, meaning that they only eat plant-based food. Algae are very important for the Otocinclus catfish so make sure there is enough in your tank before you buy one. Last week I bought 2 otocinclus to put in a 20 gallon tank which already has 4 leopard danios, and 1 emerald cory catfish, a few plants, and a gravel bottom. If you can find some zucchini, lettuce or spinach in your kitchen, they will eat those too. The algae will run out quickly if you keep a large group of Otos. Take frozen peas (with no salt), put just a few in a tiny bowl of water, microwave them for around 8 seconds, and then put them in ice water (this helps them sink). Do Otocinclus catfish produce lots of waste? Also algae that is hard and crusted onto the glass or other spots are not suitable for the oto. and there are two kinds. Some of these foods being algae wafers. Please help asap! Thanks, I'll do that! I cut a hole in the lid big enough for the otos, but so big that my other fish could get to it. I don't have much algae in my tank, and their stomachs have noticeably become flatter since I got them. They like a strong current, and are incredibly sensitive to water conditions, so immaculate and pristine water parameters are vital. They are not likely to eat it. they are very shy unlike all the diurnal fish i have in my tank. Part of the reason is the way they are captured. Could you take a photo of there stomach? the oto often won't leave it until I gently shoo him with my fingertip. Then again, I'm not used to keeping otos so I don't know if they should have that pink coloration. In the wild, they primarily eat algae and slime (biofilm) that builds up on rocks and plants. Their stomachs are slightly concave ☹️. You can supplement their diet with blanched vegetables (zucchini is common), sinking wafers and some other foods. If the tabs are larger, I would just break off a piece. You can blanch it, to make it softer, but then you'll NEED to take it out within a few hours. I've had a ... Zebra danios killing and eating all the other fish! Hi! But when/if it does run out, how much food do I have to give it? There are foods that can be substituted for the oto. If u dont remove Algae Wafers after 2 hrs: Do algae wafers for bottom feede... Why do my cichlids like my algae wafers so much? Also algae that is hard and crusted onto the glass or other spots are not suitable for the oto. What should I do? sometimes i see my cory eating alongside the otos at night. All of the fish were fine except the poor otos. You don’t have to buy these wafers if you don’t want to. In addition to algae wafers, you can also feed them some veggies like peas, zucchini and cucumbers. Or at least I don't think... Do albino cory catfish eat algae wafers? Are they showing any signs of illness? There still small not even an inch yet, but do I need to feed them? Unfortunately, our heating system went out during the coldest part of this winter. Pet stores that sell fish often have algae wafers that can be used to feed them too. Otos are really good scavengers and may be eating when you are not paying attention. Their shape is streamlined and some say they resemble a little shark. To catch them, sedatives (poisons) are released upstream to basically paralyze them for a short time. Algae wafers generally contain high amounts of animal proteins. Concave is much different than flat. you should never add ottos to a tank with low amounts of algae. I wouldn't want to fog up the water, but I read that otos like their food a little mushy. However, my most succesful batch of otos would devour blanched peas. Theyre doing great so far. Algae wafers are supplied, however, the sheer number of Otocinclus is too many to feed correctly. In a natural setting, Otocinclus feed mainly on algae and other slime that builds up on rocks and plants. I see them taking small nibbles out of them. In the pet store trade the different species are oft… The otos basically get trained to find food in the bowl. Otocinclus are herbivores. I recently bought 3 otos and a bag of a... Pleco & Oto Not Eating Algae Wafers? Internal parasites? Also it is quite common for new fish to not eat for a few days until they get settled into there new "home" I would give them a few more days before worrying too much. My otos like to chill in my bushy plants during the day so dont be disheartened that they dont do much. Despite them eating algae, you still need to add some other food too. Otocinclus catfish are notoriously difficult to keep. but remember to turn off the light again because that might stimulate the other fish to wake up and go for it. Just wondering if anyone else does this and if it helped? You may be able to get them to eat blanched veggies, but most people can't get them to eat anything. A small number of people have endlers that will eat algae (especially brown algae), but among those that do, most only lightly graze on the algae. It was kind of hard to capture it, but in real life the stomach is noticeably smaller. Can Otocinclus catfish live with goldfish? My otocinclus absolutely LOVE it. Mine take blanched courgette, red pepper and spinach (hers won't), I try to … These are the ones that will be the strongest and most likely to survive. You can buy algae wafers from … I love otos. ottos eat algae, hopefully you have algae in the tank. The problem is that nearly all fish like the peas, and otos will ignore them for a while, so they get eaten before the otos will get to them. algae catfish lights plants Help they aren't eating!!!!! Both my plecos and otos will eat the wafers (both algae and the ones for my bottom feeders). I put in spinach, zucchini, cucumber, algae wafers, and sinking pellets, as the petstores all told me, but they dont seem to be eating. However, due to their smaller size, they will be significantly less helpful at combating algae than their larger algae-eating counterparts. Cory catfish eating slime coat of betta? I have a lot of brown algae and my oto's cleaning it here and there it will probably take him a while to eat it all. I got two otos this week (about 4 days ago) and they both aren't eating. Otocinclus catfish died with no apparent reason. They LOVE zucchini. I prefer the sinking pellets or spirulina over the wafers as algae wafers can disintegrate quite easily. Does Anybody Want Overload of Algae in Their Tank...I Don't!!!!! But theyve already gone through the algae and biofilm in my tank. The pet store puts them into a nice tank and will attempt to keep them fed. As long as they can find and eat algae in your aquarium, you don’t need to give them anything. Algae wafers generally contain high amounts of animal proteins. Use a tool like tweezers or something to get it near them. There are types of algae that an otocinclus cannot eat for example blue algae are not suitable for the oto cat. They loved blanched zucchini, and often recommended to do organic and remove skin before blanching to reduce risk of pesticides. But it seems more to me like a healthy pink than a scary red. you read and agreed to the, Tips for keeping Otocinclus catfish (otos). This soft algae isn't to be confused with green spot algae that you can barely get off with a razor blade. No problem. There are types of algae that an otocinclus cannot eat for example blue algae is not suitable for the oto cat. people say they dont eat algae wafers. HELP. Therefore, it’s important to keep live plants in your aquarium to encourage algae growth and leaves for the biofilm growth. Otos will starve in a fully algaefied aquarium. They dont eat any of the left over food from my other fishes because all my other fishes get all the food already. I have white algae growing in my aquarium. The algae wafers are a waste of money and just pollute your tank (as far as otos go, but other fish love them). Otocinclus catfish are herbivores – this makes it a bit more difficult to find appropriate foods for them. Yes, I do let my windows open during the day to increase algae growth, but being cloudy, nothing has grown.. Try to determine when your lfs gets their stock in and wait until the day before to buy your otos. Mine would eat some of the shrimp pellets and algae wafers. There are about 22 species of Otocinclus with some of the more commonly kept pictured in this article. Yeah, I'm sure it does take time for them to settle into the new home, but I'm worried they'll starve before they get the chance to get used to it! HELP. Endlers typically do not eat algae. Some of these foods being algae wafers. As said above, the Otocinclus catfish is herbivorous which makes it a good algae eater. A friend of mine feeds her otos with algae wafers and I think hers take Repashy too, but mine won't touch them (or they get stolen by the Amano's before they get the chance). Hopefully they'll learn to accept the wafers. Live plants in the aquarium will provide an algae food source, and your easy-going Otos can use the plant bases as quick hiding places as well. Otos are strictly vegeterian. They will eat the soft green algae that grows on the surfaces of the tank and its contents. Ammonia,nitrite, and nitrate? The brand I ha... Is it safe for bettas to eat algae wafers? Ive tried giving them Hikari algae wafers and Repashy soilent green. Would a frozen pea twice a week suffice? Although they eat mainly algae in their native habitats, fish owners should provide other food for aquarium living Otos. By entering this site you declare (Black Beard Algae). How can I get rid of it? You can keep a jar of water in the window sill to grow extra algea to feed them, and attempt to feed them wafers once or twice a week if you want, but remove … Otos like algae wafers but be careful not to overfeed in the … Even as adults the largest Otos come in at around only 2 inches long. They enjoy feeding on tiny crustaceans, protozoa, and scraps of flesh from animals and fish. But if they were eating, wouldn't their stomachs still be rounded? . Those HikarI algae wafers are like 8 bucks for a small pouch! Otos won't go near them. And I don't think there are any signs of illness, though they do have pinkish-red coloration around the head area. I've tried algae wafers and cucumbers, but they don't seem to have an interest in those. A week or so later, they should be on their way to your local pet store. After a couple hours, you could turn on the light and see them flocking to the wafer. If i get 1 mystery snail for my 3 gallon betta tank... Would it eat algae g... Chinese Algae Eaters, keep or get rid of. Once captured, they aren't really fed much and they are in overcrowded conditions with very poor water parameters. Otos are strictly vegeterian. By the time they get to the petstore, much of the stock is dead before they even enter the display tanks. This complete and balanced diet is ideal for Plecostomus, Ancistrus, Otocinclus and other algae-eating fish. If it's close enough, they'll eventually figure out it's food. Ammonium and nitrite are both 0 ppm, nitrate is 10 ppm. They have muted green/brown/grey coloration often with a darker horizontal stripe down their flanks. This is why they are recommended for well established tanks with algae. Killing Black Bush Algae. Naturally occurring algae in the tank can run out quickly if you have a large group of Otos. Discolored feces. My Chinese algae eater doesn't like algae wafers. While they normally eat algae in the wild – and will also prefer to eat this in your tank – you might need to add some other foods, too. If you do buy otocinclus catfish you can expect them to eat all your algae for up to 3 – 5 years which is their general lifespan. Otocinclus catfish will eat moss balls because moss balls are from algae, and these fish feed on algae. I have to actually gently touch him to make him leave it. Every other night or so, i put a wafer in my tank 10 minutes after i shut off the hood light and room light. I purchased some otocinclus about a week ago. So is a peice of cucumber or zuccini a week good enough? Help! What do I feed my hours old platy fry? Fish that feed on algae produce much waste, but the Otocinclus catfish does not produce lots of waste compared to other algae-eating fish. This surfaces include the inside of the tank walls, gravel, decorations, and plants. I put an algae wafer in the tank for a few hours a couple times a week. They love munching on the algae that grows on them. I have never had otos go after cucumbers even though that's what Google searches always come back with. Are the water parameters good? I also wouldn't feed every night, maybe just every 2-3. Hard to tell from the photos. I guess I should probably look into getting another filter with a stronger current, or maybe a bubbler thing. Platys eating wafers intended for cory catfish. If the tabs are larger, I would just break off a piece. The main food of Otocinclus is algae. Most people that I have spoken to have never seen their endlers eating algae, even when starved for 1-2 weeks. but does anyone have experience feeding them hikari seaweed extreme. I just got 2 otocinclus. My otos aren't eating algae wafers? This is because they only eat fresh algae and only certain types. Our aquarium temperature dropped very low. Then de-shell the peas and feed to the otos. These have to be chopped into tiny pieces in order to make the… , Otocinclus catfish aren't eating anything, This post was chosen to be featured as a blog, By entering this site you declare If you can keep it held down, you can put it in raw (a slice) and it'll last a good 24 hours before it starts to get mushy. I may try again at the algae wafers. Most fishkeepers say you should not feed your new fish in a tank for 24-48 hours to avoid stressing the fish's system while it acclimates to the new chemistry of your tank. I've had otos for the longest time and i learned that otos are very active at night. I kept it on its side to keep the peas from floating out. Yet they do not seem to be thinning, and there were eggs on the wall. While not a schooling fish, otos are social and to be in groups of their own kind. I have to drop it right next to them though. Just feed them a small algae wafer or some blanched vegetables once a week. And there is no algae in my tank. Tried zucchini last night, they didn't seem interested in that either. its cute. Definitely. It is delighting to know that shopping for quickly sinking … My 3 colored tetras aren't moving that much and they aren't eating ei... New Angelfish hiding after two days, not eating. trust me on it. One that's smaller for cories, and a pack of larger wafers for plecos. The otocinclus will occasionally suck on them but my tetra seem to enjoy them more. They also must have a live planted aquarium. So far I've figured that having round pebbles around the substrate helps a lot. They are small sucker-mouthed catfish. Otos will eat a wide variety of things as well. I heard that they dont like algea wafers to and that it dirties the water. They won't breed in captivity, so they are all wild caught. Garbage fish saga: Charlene still sick and now others aren't eating well. Asides from that they’ll eat all the algae in your tank. you read and agreed to the. I also wouldn't feed every night, maybe just every 2-3. Note : It is easy to confuse Otocinclus fish with Chinese Algae Eater (CAE), Siamese Algae … Or maybe I worry too much. When should I put them in/how long should I let them soak in the tank max? Still, the wafers are typically fine as the catfish can locate traces and do eat these and microorganisms in the tank. There are 20 species of Otocinclus, but they share many things in common. There are foods that can be substituted for the oto. I unless there are any signs of illness that pop up I would continue to offer waffers and monitor closely. it can take ottos weeks or months to adapt to eating processed food, and some never will. A few days ago my emerald cory catfish stopped eating, moving and today I n... My red parrots aren't eating, they just go up and look at it but they don't... Betta laying at bottom of tank, not eating, pale, barely breathing. The algae wafers are a waste of money and just pollute your tank (as far as otos go, but other fish love them). Unfortunately, they don’t eat all kinds of algae: they only eat soft green and brown algae, nothing else. Once they run out of algae, you can give them algae wafers that are available in fish stores. its meant for marine fish but since its really high in algae and plant matter would it be suitable for ottos? Thanks for the detailed instructions about the frozen peas though, I'll definitely try that! If you run out of algae (congratulations by the way! Scientific names are below the images. Definitely. In addition to algae wafers, you can also feed them some veggies like peas, zucchini and cucumbers. To solve this, I purchased a glass bowl with a plastic lid. I have a 10g freshwater tank with a small school of tetra and a couple otocinclus. How can I "train" my otocinclus catfish to eat algae wafers? Feeding is difficult, however, as most stores stock a couple dozen of more Otocinclus in one tank. I've tried everything and learned by myself on their habits. Pleco & Oto Not Eating Algae Wafers? Invert Aquatics Mini Algae Discs. I know they eat cucumber and zucchini. ), you can supplement their diet with algae wafers (link to check the price on Amazon) to ensure they have plenty to eat. Contrary to popular belief, these fish are not herbivores. i hear alot of stories about ottos being impossible to feed. I have 2 Otos, and they've been cleaning my 22 gal nicely- now there's no algae- and I want to feed them algae wafers at night ( cause they're notcurnal, correct?)

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