lux lisbon character analysis

Common Knowledge People/Characters Lux Lisbon. Linda Perl. The second youngest Lisbon sister. The movie is as much about those guys, "we," as about the Lisbon girls. She is a secret smoker and is the most rebellious of all the sisters. Cook stars as Mary Lisbon and Chelse Swain as Bonnie Lisbon in "The Virgin Suicides." Trip Fontaine. Related people/characters. Early in the new school year, Trip Fontaine, a Romeo for all the Juliets of the suburb, falls in love at first sight with fourteen-year-old Lux Lisbon. Bonnie Lisbon. People/Characters by cover : Works (1) Titles: Order: The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides: Character description. Lux's adventures have wildly varying consequences for her sisters' lives. The neighborhood fathers remove the fence and proceed to clean the area of the dead bugs for summer. She begins having sex with strange men on her roof after the girls are forbidden to leave the house. Ronnie Lisbon. She is the most desirable one out of the Lisbon girls. Lux Lisbon - Lux, the second youngest of the Lisbon girls, age fourteen, is devious, sexy, slim, adventurous, eventually promiscuous, and a secret smoker since the age of twelve. It is out of love for Lux that Trip persuades the Lisbon parents to let the girls attend the dance, affording them several exquisite hours of happiness. Even when Lux breaks curfew, Mr. and Mrs. Lisbon believe the problem is situated somewhere out in the world, not in Lux herself, so any threat can … Mrs. Lisbon pulled the girls out of school and locked them up inside the house in “maximum-security isolation” (141). Lux is sly, beautiful and promiscuous and forms the major attraction of the neighbourhood boys. While there were numerous individuals experiencing crisis, the neighborhood boys, the entire Lisbon family, and several other minor characters, this review will focus specifically on crisis incidents that surround the mother and two daughters, Cecilia and Lux. The narrators, who curiously study the five sisters, have a preset image that all the sisters are identically beautiful and eccentric. People/Characters: Lux Lisbon. She is the ideal image of a “Lisbon sister”. Mary Lisbon. Lux Lisbon. The only person who seems to catch Lux off-guard is Trip Fontaine, her masculine foil, in the final moments of Homecoming. About how Trip Fontaine (Josh Hartnett), the leader of the pack, loses his baby fat and shoots up into a junior stud who is blindsided by sex and beauty, and dazzled by Lux Lisbon (Kirsten Dunst), who of the perfect Lisbon girls is the most perfect.In every class there is one couple who has sex while the others … Once it was discovered that Lux had had sex after that dance, the girls’ isolation became even more extreme than most people can imagine. Thursday, April 14th, 2011 Now that I am officially done reading it is time to reflect and do an overall analysis of some important characters such as Mr. and Mrs. Lisbon, Lux, Cecilia and Trip Fontaine. Therese Lisbon. Leslie Hayman stars as Theresa Lisbon, Kirsten Dunst stars as Lux Lisbon, A.J. Lux appears to act clearly and deliberately, leaving the neighborhood boys to wonder about her real plans. This analysis will utilize the Double ABC-X model. Lux, the second youngest daughter, is asked out to homecoming later in the year by Trip, and is able to talk Mr. Lisbon in allowing her to go as long as Trip finds dates for the three other daughters. Character Study Lux Lisbon- Although there are five unique Lisbon sisters, Lux is the prominent in the book. The Lisbon family members remain oblivious to everything that goes on around them. (Paramount Classics) Five sisters – Cecilia, Lux, Bonnie, Mary and Therese – are at the center of the movie adapted from Jeffrey Eugenides’ novel released 25 years ago. Mrs. Lisbon. With all four sisters at the dance, Lux and Trip leave to have sex and Lux ends up missing her curfew.

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